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Bertha’s word

Bertha Siegelman grew up in Munich and witnessed the rise of Nazism. Later, she had a role in its downfall. As a young girl, Bertha realized she could sense people’s inner thoughts and peer into the future. Despite her talent, she didn’t make clairvoyance her vocation—at least not initially or by choice. She attended college … Continue reading Bertha’s word

Kaufering XII

The thought of a Jewish SS officer is preposterous and off-putting, but people took extraordinary steps to protect themselves and their loved ones in Nazi Germany. In this true story, the author shares the story of Yochanan Berger, who reluctantly confessed his dark past to only a few people late in his life. Born in … Continue reading Kaufering XII

From Victim to Soldier

In From Victim to Solider: My Journey from Auschwitz to Israel, a retired Israeli colonel and intelligence officer recounts his life from boyhood in Hungary to his retirement in Israel. Herman Rittman, later adopting the name Zvi in his new country of Israel, was interned in a Hungarian ghetto before being sent to Auschwitz, where … Continue reading From Victim to Soldier


A talented doctor’s wild hypothesis, and a little luck, lead him to the most important medical breakthrough of the modern age. While sailing, Dr. Sam Daniels accidentally exposes cancer cells to seawater. The resulting chemical reaction leads to a startling discovery: cancer cells have greater intelligence than anyone could have imagined, including the ability to … Continue reading Coexistence


With the help of his son, Danny, Herman Rittman narrates his experience of the Holocaust. His story begins in Romania, where his happy childhood was interrupted when Hungarian officials sent the Jews to the Oradea ghetto, then to Auschwitz. Here the fourteen-year-old experienced unimaginable cruelty and countless deaths. He is sent to a gas chamber, … Continue reading Remember


When a baby girl is born in the Jewish village of Arad during the Exile period, more than 2,500 years ago, it is prophesied that she will be a memorable person who will do extraordinary things and be a savior for her people. Exceptionally intelligent, strikingly beautiful, and graced with wisdom few adults could claim, … Continue reading Esther

Faith Amid Darkness

While growing up during the 1930s in Lodz, Poland, Adrian Nowak befriends Misha Coen, a Jewish boy who lives in his apartment building. As they play together and learn about each other’s cultures and religions, the two boys look forward to the future. They have no idea of how things will change in 1939 when … Continue reading Faith Amid Darkness

Fourth Dimension

Brant is a young PhD student in California who makes a startling discovery while at the Palomar Observatory. He has found a new planet—one in our solar system but in a different time dimension! Soon thereafter, other observatories around the world see the same phenomenon. On the other side of the world, a young Italian … Continue reading Fourth Dimension

The Unforgotten Prayer

This is my story – my life from the horrors of war and slaughter to the travails of change and atonement. For much of my life I lived in fear that my past would catch up to me. I hid my beliefs and prejudices and walked among the gentle, unsuspecting people of a small American … Continue reading The Unforgotten Prayer