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Danny Rittman is a semiconductor designer with over twenty years of experience with companies such as Intel, DEC, IBM, and Qualcomm. He has broad interests – some far afield from the hi-tech world, including history and spiritual matters. His father, a survivor of Dachau and Auschwitz and a career IDF officer, has taught him to seek the good in people.

In Danny’s work and travel in America and the Middle East and elsewhere, he has found it countless times – often in the most unexpected places – and has been inspired to write about those encounters. Danny resides in California.

The Boy Who Searched for the End of Numbers

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Where do numbers end? We all ask that question at one time in our lives. Everything has a beginning and end – days and nights, seasons and years, books and films, and even our universe. So why not numbers? That’s the question that sets young Ty Lev, an inquisitive student in San Diego, on a three-year quest. He gets help from his father, three rabbis, an MIT wizard, and an eccentric Israeli archaeologist. Ty searches the internet for the answer to the end of numbers. After many dead ends he comes across a strange website that seems to understand his quest.

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    258 pages

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  • Publication date

    January 29, 2024

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