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Danny Rittman is a semiconductor designer with over twenty years of experience with companies such as Intel, DEC, IBM, and Qualcomm. He has broad interests – some far afield from the hi-tech world, including history and spiritual matters. His father, a survivor of Dachau and Auschwitz and a career IDF officer, has taught him to seek the good in people.

In Danny’s work and travel in America and the Middle East and elsewhere, he has found it countless times – often in the most unexpected places – and has been inspired to write about those encounters. Danny resides in California.

New Release Books

In From Victim to Solider: My Journey from Auschwitz to Israel, a retired Israeli colonel and intelligence officer recounts his life from boyhood in Hungary to his retirement in Israel. Herman Rittman, later adopting the name Zvi in his new country of Israel, was interned in a Hungarian ghetto before being sent to Auschwitz, where after enduring months of hard labor he would be paradoxically saved from execution by the war criminal Josef Mengeleonly to be selected as a victim for the Angel of Deaths medical experiments. But after his liberation by American troops at Dachau, Zvi would go on to see the birth of the state of Israel and commit his life to fighting for its future.

Coexistence: A talented doctor’s wild hypothesis, and a little luck, lead him to the most important medical breakthrough of the modern age.

While sailing, Dr. Sam Daniels accidentally exposes cancer cells to seawater. The resulting chemical reaction leads to a startling discovery: cancer cells have greater intelligence than anyone could have imagined, including the ability to communicate with other cancer colonies, utilizing a highly complex code based on bio-chemical processes.

My Published Books

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