When a baby girl is born in the Jewish village of Arad during the Exile period, more than 2,500 years ago, it is prophesied that she will be a memorable person who will do extraordinary things and be a savior for her people. Exceptionally intelligent, strikingly beautiful, and graced with wisdom few adults could claim, the girl born as Hadassah is indeed special, but her life is not easy.

Her simple life is shattered when the Black Hundred destroy her village and kill her parents, brothers, and friends. Her family is gone, but her faith remains. She vows to seek justice for not only her family, but her fellow villagers. Hadassah’s destiny begins to unfold when she enters the palace of the Persian king, eventually gaining the name Esther and becoming his queen.

It’s here, bolstered by an unusual and wonderful love, that she uses her unique talents to bring justice and prosperity to the land before embarking upon a final mission-a tragic and paradoxical one that takes her back to events painfully similar to the destruction of her childhood village.